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AJR Sustainable Trucking 

Quality trucking services for our customers, the community, and the environment we all live in.

Strategic Partner for the USPS

We are a trucking company providing mail hauling services for the USPS for over 30 years. Our disciplined approach to ensure high-quality and on-time service has made AJR Trucking a reliable partner for the USPS. Ongoing improvements in operations help us plan for the unexpected and deliver exceptional quality.  

We signed the Highway Contract Routes ("HCRs") for our partnership, according to which the transportation contracts are to be fixed-price with set routes. As a trucking company in the USA, AJR completes bids for services offered by the USPS. The bid is evaluated based on price, past performance, current relationships, operational plans, financial resources, and innovative approaches or usage of alternative fuels. Regardless of the mail volume, AJR gets paid an already agreed monthly amount within the framework of the contract.  

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Greenhouse Gas Calcula​tor

We have replaced over one million diesel gallons with RNG






Metric Tons of GHG Emissions



Cars off the Road

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History Of AJR Trucking

AJR is the USPS Contract Carrier operating in the privatized section of the postal transportation industry. Thanks to the Company’s high-quality, agile, and resourceful project management & completion capabilities, it managed to form a partnership history with USPS of 30 years and beyond. AJR, the local trucking company, manages to fully satisfy trucking services needs in Los Angeles.

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