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About Us

AJR is the USPS Contract Carrier operating in the privatized section of the postal transportation industry. Thanks to the Company’s high-quality, agile, and resourceful project management & completion capabilities, it managed to form a partnership history with USPS of 30 years and beyond. AJR, the local trucking company, manages to fully satisfy trucking services needs in Los Angeles. 
With experienced & trained personnel, high-quality & specialized equipment, as well as excellent customer service, AJR goes beyond any expectation about how trucking services should be delivered to the consumer. What allows the Company to be ahead in competition is its expertise in the market and its concentration on collecting data and sharing it with the Postal Service with an aim to deepen its business ties. For now, it has grown to the level of becoming one of the largest alternative fuel suppliers to USPS, with 60 clean trucks in its fleet - a huge number, corresponding quality. 
Yes, AJR is committed to a green, sustainable fleet and business model! Moreover, AJR has a large investment in state-of-the-art technology, sharing valuable insights being recognized as a strategic partner to USPS. With all of this alongside significant capacity, focused safety, and efficient fleet management, AJR is the best at meeting customer demand swiftly. Alongside their main scope of operation, they care for the surroundings. 
What AJR does is equivalent to managing to plant 149,778 trees, eliminate 2,097 metric tons of GHG Emissions, and remove 1,235 cars off the road. These numbers don’t settle; they grow at the fastest pace possible, so does the good that AJR does for the environment with its operations!

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