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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AJR provide competitive pay and good conditions to the staff?

Answer: Since we highly value our employees' contribution to the AJR's success, we aim to provide our team with all the needed conditions so that they perform at their best. The competitiveness of the pay, the quality of provided equipment, and a good work environment are among our priorities. Our open-concept workplace helps the team to share their ideas and suggestions more effectively as well as get closer to our corporate culture and values.

Does AJR sustain job & income security?

Answer: The job and income security are insured, as AJR is a growing company willing to help its employees grow as well. We believe that job satisfaction and security can be achieved by having our employees well-trained and continuously improving their productivity. 

What Benefits does AJR provide to its employees?

Answer: We value every single effort of our team members and make sure they have the right incentives. Along with sick pay and vacation time, AJR provides medical, dental and vision coverage.

Does AJR support a flexible working schedule?

Answer: Being a family-owned business, we recognize its importance and accept that you may need a flexible working schedule. The AJR team will be happy to hear what schedule works for you and discuss how we can make it.

What are the core values for the AJR’s staff?

Answer: Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success." Teamwork has proven to be at the heart of our success, and we continue to keep it among our core values to ensure our further development. We really appreciate having accountable, reliable, and positive people involved in our team and being a part of AJR growth.

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