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Trucking Services

Being the 14th largest mail hauler for the USPS, AJR provides a wide range of trucking services, including dispatch operations, roadside service, safety monitoring, driver compliance, cost control management, and delivery status updates for customers. Being keen on making the customer experience the best possible occasion, AJR emphasizes service & workforce quality, constant availability of the personnel, and financial stability for long-term functioning. 
The will to exceed its own expectations, provide higher quality work per project, and go beyond customer expectations is the secret behind AJR’s success. What they stress in the Company is the importance of providing outstanding service sharp on time. Being on time with every project and still supplying the best work possible and impossible - AJR knows how to do this! Want to join our mission?

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Guaranteed Quality

The Company has won the Eagle Spirit Award three times - a great indicator of how well AJR delivers its service to customers. 
What makes the service delivery smooth and effective is the location of dispatch operations. Being located at the home office, AJR has the opportunity to enable constant communication with the drivers. This aids the quick scheduling of roadside service, safety monitoring, driver compliance, and delivery status updates for customers. 
Other than that, the Company’s service delivery stays smooth and effective because of how well they take care of safe operating practices, timely maintenance of trucks & equipment, as well as purchasing ability optimization. These are essential to any company in the transportation industry, and AJR Trucking does it in the best way possible. 
Most importantly, AJR has prioritized leveraging its 30+ years of data to analyze routes, drive efficiency, and make strategic decisions. This supports high-quality service delivery, no matter the complexity of the offered project.

Dispatch Operations

Roadside Service

Safety Monitoring

Cost Control Management

Delivery Status

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